Selection highlighting is reversed for actions

Selection highlighting looks like it is reversed. You don’t know what you have highlighted. It would also help if we could select multiple actions, not just a single one. Last, but not least, the “Copy All Actions” command does not work. It’s been broken for a while.

in your screenshot it looks like the timeline-view does not have the focus (or are you using white as selection color?). I tried and was not able to reproduce it so far.

yes, but the complexity what to show would be enormous, therefor we decided to leave it out.

thank you for reminding us, it is on our to-do-list.

No, I am using graphite as my highlight colour. It may be a Big Sur thing. Sometimes, text on default buttons comes up white as well. It’s no biggie, just something I noticed.

Does it only affect the interaction inspector, or other parts of Antetype too?

I only noticed it in the interaction inspector.