Server issues

I’ve had problems uploading and loading prototypes in the past couple of days. When uploading, I’ve received a few different errors. Here is the most recent one:

When loading, I just see the orbit animation indefinitely or nothing at all.

Now this

Loading loading loading

I’ve had general server issues, but the ones above seem specific to a file. Antetype Cloud

Managed to do a re-upload without incident and I can now load it. For some reason this file has been problematic.

sorry to hear that he had so many issues. Is it possible to send us the file via PM?

Here is the file: Dropbox - NF New Premium page - Simplify your life

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This file has once again decided not to load. Maybe if you’re quick you can catch it in action Antetype Cloud

sorry for your trouble with the cloud-upload. We could reproduce it and are working on a fix. Looks like it depends on the time needed to upload, which should not matter … but somehow it does.

When I get the upload failed dialog, I then can’t upload at all until I restart my computer. Just restarting Antetype doesn’t fix it.

Now I’m noticing that file loads on Chrome but not Safari

For us we are able to reproduce the failed upload (depending on the clients network connection) with your file (or one of a similar export-size). But I have no problems uploading other files (I just tried one of our Templates), after the failed upload. A restart of the Mac did not change it for me.

The link you posted here: Server issues - #8 by bendansby does work for me in Safari too (at least it looks ok visually to my developer eyes :nerd_face: )

We have made some changes to the cloud and uploading large files should work now. Test it with your file and give us feedback.


Great to hear, I’ll let you know if I have any more issues.