Setting cell to "Editable in Prototype" will align all content right, regardless of set direction

In the attached file, notice that the text cell nested inside the input container is aligned right despite the direction of the parent container being left to right. Uncheck “Editable in Prototype” for the input container to revert the appearance to what would be expected.
image (136.3 KB)

This happens because of our text cell handling. In general, content shouldn’t be added to text cells. We currently can’t prevent it for some technical reasons, but we’re aware that we should.

In this case the label cell is nested in the cell that becomes a text cell if the editable property is set.

To fix it, there should be a separate nested cell that gets the editable setting.

Yes. Happened by mistake anyway so no biggie. Just freaked me out when it happened, is all :joy:

Text alignment being the only thing that will display independently of the current breakpoint is the thing I find freaky (and annoying)