Share & Export Update

New Cloud upload options

You may now decide what to show when you open a prototype: Do you want users to see the toolbar? The spec inspector? You choose. Of course you can also toggle if you want your prototype to resize to fit the window or not. Plus: Set the starting screen that shows first when you open up the prototype.

New toolbar for uploaded prototypes

Antetype Cloud’s toolbar is now sleeker and optimized for mobile devices. Even better: You may now manage and share your prototypes directly from the toolbar.

You may also check the file history, what leads us to …

Prototype versioning & update messages

Easily tell others what changed in the latest version: Give them a quick upload message so they understand what to look for. That also means you can now check and compare a prototype’s evolution: See the history, open up previous versions. All done with the new toolbar.

Performance and more

Besides 25 small fixes and improvements, we Improved the performance of opening large files, editing text and uploading to Cloud.

Starting today, you may now also check all changelogs on


None of the new toolbar options work for me. I still see the old toolbar and the settings I pick have no effect. Does it only work on new documents? Also side note that since this update, uploading to Cloud has become more flaky for me, with random fonts and images not loading.

I tried uploading to a fresh cloud-thing but it didn’t help:

File: Dropbox - NF New Premium page - Simplify your life

Video: Dropbox - Screen Recording 2022-05-10 at 1.18.17 - Simplify your life

Reloading the screen in Antetype before uploading fixed the images/font issue (which does not make any sense to me).

First of all, thanks for the report!
Seeing the video it looks like you are accessing the prototype via a public link, but for now the new toolbar is only available when opening from the cloud directly. We are implementing the new prototype viewer for public links as well and it is coming pretty soon.


Gotcha, thanks for the clarification.

I guess this is due to our way we create the “Web Viewer”, we use two optimisations here:

  • the first screen of the exported Web Viewer has all the HTML/CSS already generated, to make opening faster. That is the reason that for example QuickLook will show you immediately the rendered screen
  • to make generating the CSS/HTML faster we simply use the data already available in the WebView inside Antetype. That is we simply copy HTML/CSS from there

If somehow the CSS in the WebView is in a weird state something like this might happen.
This is not optimal, but unfortunately not an easy fix. We thought about just removing the special-handling for the first screen, but then we have to see how much difference it makes. Or generate HTML/CSS while exporting but not simply copying the existing stuff, but build it fresh. Just for an explanation of the current state…

That makes sense, thanks for the explanation.

Just a thought that maybe Antetype should automatically do a reload as part of uploading/exporting preflight. I will probably end up doing it habitually to avoid having to re-upload all the time, and that will be annoying.

I will open an issue and we will see what goes wrong here. Since we do not have other bug-reports on this issue, does this happen on every document for you?

It’s intermittent (similar to )

Unfortunately, doing a reload doesn’t always work, and sometimes makes it worse. This is an incredibly aggravating issue.

Reload doesn’t seem to actually make any difference. I just uploaded the same file 3 times in a row, and each time a different set of images was missing. No problem if I export to web viewer.

Here’s the file: Dropbox - NF New Product page - Simplify your life

We will look at this in detail. At the moment it seems that it is a problem with the file, as a workaround you can create a new file, add your breakpoints and copy over the contents of the file. Let me know if this works for you.

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Thanks, creating a new file worked.

With today’s update, the new toolbar is now also available on public links.
You may activate it when generating links (also works for resize mode and spec inspector).

All details on the update: Time to share: Public links with new toolbar & embed prototypes

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we finally managed to fix the upload issue in the last update. In some circumstances (and more often for bigger files) we did not upload correctly.


That’s fantastic news!

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