Sharing Actions - How to?

Here’s a scenario: I have 100 menu items, each one sharing the bulk of around 20 action with its siblings. Only 1 or two of the actions attached to these menu items are individual actions. It would be a huge time saver if I could attach the common action to the parent container and leave the individual actions on the menu items. Unfortunately, this cannot work because the click will not pass through the menu item and read from the parents underneath. I am sure this is a common problem with all menus so I am wondering if there may be a little script floating about somewhere that will achieve what I need.
Thanks for any pointers!

I doggedly kept trying and it looks like the “Mouse Up” event will trigger the common scripts of the parent and at the same time a Left Click will execute the individual scripts on the nested menu item.
I will leave this here for posterity in case someone else loses sleep over it.