Some Bugs that I would love to see resolved

I’m in the middle of a large project and lest I forget here are some loosely collected effects I am seeing while working away in Antetype. (BTW not a single crash. Ever. That’s quite amazing given the complexity of my current prototype.)

  • Objects lose interactions all the time. I am seeing this more often than I would like to:
    This is awful if you have grouped several cells together because you will never see if an interaction was lost. Things just stop working and you have to go hunting for the objects, which is extremely time-consuming. I have resorted to only using one object per group now so at least I can see if something broke (even if that does not tell me which connection it was)
  • Cannot live-drag an element in the canvas. This used to be possible in my older version. I can still use the tree to rearrange objects but it’s not quite as comfortable.
  • “Wrap” selector in the tool bar on top of the canvas does nothing. Wrap only works for cells if activated in the inspector.
  • Hiding the selection indication only works if the shortcut (ctrl-H) is executed twice. Also, it does not come back like it should (only the drag-handle is visible at first).
  • Dragging resources into Antetype must be done slowly. Otherwise the modal that asks if the resource should be replaced gets lost. (I think this is when more than one monitor is used)

Other than that, it’s fine. When is the next beta due?

I hope you are going forward well (despite the annoyances…).

Now to the bugs:

  • Objects loose interactions, a known issue (and not easily solvable) is loosing the target-cells while creating a widget. (Every “normal” cell can contain actions, but only allow actions for the whole widget…). Another possibility is copy/paste from cells. We try to either maintain or set new target-cells on paste but this is not bullet proof. If you have some steps to reproduce this would be fantastic (for us :slight_smile: )
  • Live-Drag: I just note the missing active-drop-target-indicator, but apart from this it works like before. Does it work in other documents (a template for example…))
  • Wrap: The lower toolbar only contains text-settings and toggles word-wrap. But yes this can be confusing we should change the label
  • Selection Hide: yes we need to investigate what goes wrong here. It works correctly after opening a document but at some point it gets wonky (especially in in-place-presentation-mode)
  • Resource-drag: thank you we have some reports with the missing replace-dialog blocking the application, but were never able to reproduce it reliable. We want to make it a sheet for that matter.

For the next update: we only have a few issues left so it should not take too long.

Hi Felix,

I did some refactoring and the project is coming on nicely now. I will share once it is finished. As for your questions:

Objects losing connections: I will try and create a test document once I am finished. If I catch something you can duplicate on your end in the mean time, I will let you know.

Live drag: Objects just snap back to where I drag them from. Even if I try with one of the supplied templates. I’m on macOS 10.15.2.

Thanks for all your help and I look forward to the next beta!

Maybe if you could make the field that contains the target resizable that would make life easier:

Also, if the object or objects that are referenced could be highlighted in the tree by clicking on their cluster that would be awesome and could save a lot of time. What do you think?

Hmm, strange. Please have a look at the video. Isn’t it working for you like this at all?

I just tried again. It is now working as expected. No idea what caused this before. Maybe because I rebooted my computer. Sorry about the traffic…

It keeps playing up. I have attached a movie illustrating the issue:

  • Drag and Drop does not work.
  • Disconnect second Monitor (via MKV Switch)
  • it seems to be responsive but I cannot duplicatea cell by holding alt
  • As soon as I let go, the cell snaps back to its original position
  • After that, the dragging is completely broken again
  • Turning the second monitor back on restores the interactive behaviour but again, as soon as I let got of a dragged cell, I’m back to where I was.

Here’s an annotated video:

Duplicating with alt-drag is not supported. However, it shouldn’t break dragging in general and I can’t reproduce right now.