Some minor Issues with Password resets and Mail notifications

I recently had to use a windows laptop for.a project with a customer and registered on Antetype Cloud to access my prototypes on that machine. A while later I had to reset the password on that account and noticed two small issues:

  1. The emails from Antetype I receive in Outlook look like this:

Notifications about an Update to the prototype look the same. I assume this has to do with the security settings I have as an external user on that laptop, but Antetype mails are the only ones that display broken like this. Maybe it is worth checking out if you can do something about this on your end.

  1. The password reset screen prompts you to enter a new password. The indicator how strong this new password is covers up the field to re-enter the password, tempting users to click the “change password” button directly, which results in a notification to re-enter your new password. A very minor issue, yes, but I wanted to at least let you know. What you do with that knowledge is up to you.

We will have a look at the first issue.
Regarding the password strength we already changed that on the dev system, it will look like this:

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