Spring cleaning update #1

Spring cleaning part 1

First update for our bug-fix-milestone.

Bugs fixed

  • Custom CSS did not work after Widget Update (#596)
  • Wrong size after changing size of multiple cells in the size popover (#558, #565)
  • Create Widget is now disabled for multiselection or selected screen (#257)
  • For widgets which are nested into itself (in a individual-content-cell) a widget update did also update the embedded widget (#496)
  • Deleting all actions in an action group deleted all interactions (#636)
  • Sometimes a green dot appears after updating a different instance (#600)
  • Fixed an issue where changing the alignment of a floating cell changed its resizing (#595)
  • Sometimes changing a state did not re-layout correctly (#564)
  • Selecting a inner-widget-cell of a widget instance with interactions did select the top-level cell (#630)
  • Duplicating an embedded widget and updating the container widget did result in green-dots for other embedded widgets of the same type (#607)
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