Spring cleaning update #2

Issues fixed

  • Wrong rendering of the main screen if style bars were hidden and the interaction
    inspector is active (#643)
  • Missing Text-cursor on High Sierra in Script-Popover and Text/HTML/CSS-properties
    in the style inspector (#628)
  • Updating a state could result in a changed basic cell (#572)
  • Fixed Save as: Instead of a real save as we copied the last changed Data-file,
    in some cases the data-file is not enough (we missed the write-ahead-log ‘persistentStore-wal’
    and/or shared memory-files ‘persistentStore-shm’ which resulted in a broken file) (#641)
  • In some cases cells were scrollable even though scrolling was disabled (#507)
  • Reload needed after executing a property-change-action in In-place-presentation-mode (#567, #606)
  • Fixed two crashing issues (sending styling with missing values and dragging a widget
    onto the canvas. (#642)

Breaking Changes

  • In the Interaction/Animation update we changed the behavior from the “Mouse Selection”-property
    to disable the mouse-selection for all it’s children too (similar to “hide”). This broke
    existing files and made some use-cases not possible anymore. Therefor now it works like before
    and only affects a single cell, not its content. (#638)
  • Leaving In-Place-Presentation Mode stays on the current screen, instead of jumping back to the
    screen were IPP was entered (#562)


  • Added a new Help-Entry Plugins Help which opens a help for the plugins in Antetype.

Thank you all for the valuable feedback!