Spring cleaning update #3

Spring cleaning update #3

Final update of our spring cleaning milestone.

Issues fixed

  • The “Save As”-fix from the last update resulted in some circumstances in crashes
    while saving. This should be fixed now. (#641)
  • Plugins > Replace Selection with Widget did not work if the widget on the clipboard
    was copied from a different document (#617)
  • Effect-actions defined on on-load were executed again if a screen was changed with
    transition. (#645)
  • <style>-blocks entered in the HTML-property did break Live Preview/Web Viewer (#650)
  • Added new “Mobile Prototype”-template showing a mobile prototype with animations,
    swipe-actions etc. (Uses Roboto and Material Icons-Font).
  • More explanation and examples in the Animation/Interaction-Help

Very nice work :slight_smile: Just complete a rather complex interactive proto for UTesting.

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great! Feel free to ask if you have any questions/suggestions or whatever …