Sticky situation

I’m not sure if this is more of a CSS thing or an Antetype thing. In the attached file, I have a sticky navbar and it works fine, but only to a certain point in scrolling, after which it “gives up.” One theory I have is that it might be due to its parent, the screen itself, having a fixed height, so when that scrolls out of view, so too does its sticky child. What this article calls the “sticky container”: CSS Position Sticky - How It Really Works! | by Elad Shechter | Medium

Any idea about this?

Yes, that is the problem. If I uncheck height: 100% on the html element, the problem is fixed.

what you can do:

  • nest all elements on the screen into another cell, change the size of the cell to stretch 100% height/width and make it scrollable
  • remove the scrollable-attribute from the screen
    If I understood the problem correctly this should work too.
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