Stop the tree list from scrolling?

Can we have a modifier key or some other means to stop the tree list in the left inspector from scrolling when something is selected in the canvas? When I hook up widgets or cells with actions, I often have to drag the rubberband across the canvas to the tree list to hook up a cell or widget. Now, whenever I select something in the canvas, the tree scrolls to that position to bring the object that I have highlighted into view. It costs me so much time to scroll back to the section with the cells I want to hook up. Can you make this optional or a pref or suspend this behaviour by way of pressing a modifier key?

Perhaps if it was possible to right-click a widget or cell and copy its ID so it could be pasted into the action inspector, that would help. My list on the left is now well over 1000 lines long and hooking up events is becoming more and more cumbersome. You select something, the tree scrolls to the position of the selected cell. Ultra-annoying because you have just located that one cell you want to hook up to the event and now you have to relocate it by scrolling the tree.