Suggestion: allow inspectors to be dockable on same side

I find myself repeatedly mousing all the way across my 5K iMac display from one inspector to the other whenever I modify objects. That’s a lot of mouse travel. It would be great to be able to dock the inspectors to one side to reduce mouse backtracking.

Hi Stephan,

5K iMac: lucky you :slight_smile:
Your request is interesting, because in the ‘old’ Antetype it used to be that way:


I found it very annoying to switch continuously between the screen inspector (left hand icon) and the style inspector (selected).
So, for me the new implementation is better because I now have a better overview.
But of course this is only my humble opinion.

I agree with you that this is an improvement over the old Antetype. I found that cumbersome as well, especially since the inspectors did not dock to the main window if I remember correctly.
I just think this needs to be a bit more configurable is all!