We need a way to create tables. I need a lot of different list browsers for my prototypes. This is usually a case for using table-like structures. However, when it comes to tables, things start falling apart. I need to be able to resize columns and select entire rows.

I found an interesting article while searching for a solution. I wonder if this would be a viable solution for Antetype? Flexible data tables with CSS Grid
This looks like a minimal amount of scripting. I wonder if the resize method could be combined with Antetype cells in horizontally flowing parent cells, instead of a table?

Currently the best way is to build a table is described here: Table - Antetype

The main advantage is that you can resize columns and select rows. The downside is that you’d need a separate widget for every table used in the prototype.

However, a "real” table would definitely be a great feature.

Thanks Tim, I have got that one and I am using it. I cannot seem to be able to resize the columns though. :thinking:

It should work as described in this section Table - Antetype

  • Select one TableCell from the column you want to adjust
  • Select all states (⌘ ⌃ A) of the TableRow widget
  • Adjust the width and update the row widget

Oh, ok, yes, of course that works fine. I was thinking about resizing at runtime. Sorry, wires crossed.

I see, we currently don’t have a solution for that.