Tabs show the wrong file name

So this is a bit of a special issue I guess and possibly apple’s fault and not yours, but I use a native system setting on my mac to allow me to open new Windows as tabs in all applications that allow it. I recently had multiple tabs open and after closing one of them, the names displayed in the tab did not correspond with the actual file name anymore. Instead it showed the name of one of the other files I had open. In fact, all tabs I had open in this window showed the wrong name after that. It is as if there was an array that held the name of the tabs was off by 1. I am not sure what I did beforehand, if I undocked some of the windows or if I just closed one. In only noticed it when the names didn’t match anymore. It’s not a big issue and can be solved by restarting the app, but I wanted to mention it to you nonetheless.
The screenshot shows the actual file name displayed at the top of the screen as well as the currently opened tab.

Thanks for reporting, we will have a look at it. But as you said, this is a system feature from apple, so we may not have any influence on it.