Text defies breakpoint rules

I am at my wit’s end here. I have gotten comfortable with the fact that Antetype only shows you the styles for the current breakpoint even if you have a different breakpoint state selected in the style inspector. Makes sense, actually. Except I have a widget here that defies that rule, and in fact does the opposite — only shows you what state you select — but only for text alignment! Every other property in the widget follows the correct rule. I’ve tried reverting to basic cells and re-creating the widget, tried adding new text elements in the widget, and they are all afflicted by this text alignment breakpoint mystery.

Video: Dropbox - Screen Recording 2022-04-21 at 8.05.43 AM.mov - Simplify your life

File: Dropbox - NF New home page 6.zip - Simplify your life

I’m noticing it in other places now — again, just text alignment.

Unfortunately this does not work correctly currently. As a workaround: leave the text-alignment to left and use CSS to align:

align left for default:

and for example center for the breakpoint:

This is due to our usage of those two nested cells we use for horizontal/vertical text-alignment. This also applies for “normal” state-changes. Does this help?

text-alignment workaround.zip (306.2 KB)

Thanks, adding the CSS worked as a fix :+1:

Even with the CSS, this still breaks intermittently.