Text-overflow: ellipsis

Trying to use this in the CSS field to achieve truncation of labels but to no avail. Is this supported?

It is. You need to use the following css:

white-space: nowrap;
overflow: hidden;
text-overflow: ellipsis;
display: inline-block;

Also your text must be in the html field.


Aaaaaah, that’s where I went wrong. I just used the plain text entry. makes sense when you think about it. Awesome. Thanks!

It would also work in the normal text-field, but the way we insert the text prevents it. So your idea was completely right :slight_smile:

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This could be an option :slight_smile: Truncation: True, I need this quite often.

I had the same problem. So I put my text in the html input. But the problem with the html input was, that it was not used for the export. And also after opening the file, the text box also ignored the html input text. It was only used after clicking in the html input and hit cmd Enter again. (on every screen)

Definitely. We have some other improvements for the text-handling in mind, and wanted to tackle it all at once (mainly make a special text-cell which only display the text and cannot contain other elements).

:thinking: Maybe the cell did also contain “normal” text? We have an open issue for this one, currently it is not defined which one to use. Concerning the export: AFAIK we do not do anything special with the HTML-property on export (just checked using some cells, where it worked in the export).