Thanks for adding external editing!

Thank you for adding these!
A great boost to productivity!

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thank you for suggestion! They are currently only includes in our “nightly build” DEV-release and not yet part of the normal release. If you want to try them before the next release: Here are the mentioned plugins: (5.1 KB)

To install them, open the “Scripts”-Folder
and copy the content of the zip-file into the folder. We already have a brief documentation for them.

Update: attached the scripts from the DEV version

The implementation is slightly different to what it was before (the custom script you provided). I keep overwriting my css with the wrong styles because the way it is now, the open VS Code document will overwrite the selected cell’s css. That is really dangerous. It should not do that!

I have another effect as well. Changes to header_include.html do not take until I actually close it and then reload the Antetype file. Before, it sufficed to reload the Antetype file. Sometimes, even reloading does not work (even if I have closed header_include.html) and I need to restart Antetype.

oops, with the zip I attached? Maybe it was an older version :thinking:

No, with the one that came with the nightly build

Mmmh, ok good to know. It we had the wrong behavior (where it exchanged the css from the selected cell) but I thought we fixed that …

after saving the file a “Reload” in the WebView inside Antetype or a reload of the browser (Live Preview) should be enough.

Yes, I know. I will keep an eye on it. It does not happen all the time.

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Can you please not add any blank lines between the brackets? It keeps adding them and I keep deleting them…

I think there was a reason for that. Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly.

Yeah, I think Felix mentioned something about some safety padding. I have been deleting the safety lines though and not noticed a detrimental effect. Not a problem. If it is an easy fix, I’d appreciate it but if not don’t worry about it.