The End of Antetype

Dear Friends,

Sadly, this is the last message from Antetype as you know it:
Development of Antetype will be abandoned, effective immediately.

Antetype Cloud with its collaboration features will shut down for good on October 1st, 2023. Current customers will be able to continue using it until then; new sign-ups and upgrades have been permanently suspended.

You may continue to design and prototype for free using Antetype for macOS.
We plan to remove the need for an Antetype Cloud account soon. This way you may design with all current features for free permanently – for as long as no macOS update breaks the application. Please do not expect any bug fixes in the future. It will be available for free without any guarantees or entitlements.

We would like to thank you and every other designer using Antetype.
Ending Antetype has been no easy decision and one we have tried to avoid until the end. We are however no longer able to finance further development of an interactive prototyping tool: Many design teams can’t or don’t want to use interactivity to validate and showcase concepts as realistically as possible. We believe this to be restraining UX, but sadly couldn’t change this misconception as fast as we would have needed.

However, we loved every step of this journey and have shaped quite a few things in design during Antetype’s years. Thanks for being part of it!

We loved designing with you and will stay grateful for that, forever.

Keep on creating,


Very sad news… I wish you the best in your next adventure folks, there is no other tool like Antetype.
Thanks for the hard work and responsiveness!


we just released the final 3.10-update:

  • removes the need for an Antetype Cloud account
  • broken selection after using the rubber band (selecting a cell in the screen inspector), thanks Anna for the screencast!
  • fixed a crash which sometimes happened after closing the main window
  • Inherit group properties
  • added the possibility to add user-defined files in the prototype. Just add a folder data in the document-bundle on the same level as the header_include.html (Thanks to Julian for asking :slight_smile: )

It’s an honor to get one of my original requests fulfilled! Better late than never :heart::grin:


oh no, sorry to hear that…it’s a great tool…

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