This file won't display

Prior to this, I imported a macOS color palette, set some text to an imported color, noticed it wasn’t displaying the new color properly, tried reloading, and ended up in this state ever since. I was able to copy the screen to a new file so I’m not blocked.

NF My (3.3 MB)

Hi Ben, I was able to salvage it by copying and pasting all cells to a new file. I have had that problem when I saved to DropBox.
NF My (664.1 KB)


sorry for the late response: The file contains at least one “broken color” (which does not have a color value at all). So yes copying the screen into a new file helps. Can you send us (private message, if you like) the macOS color palette? We should definitely handle this case.

Here is the palette I imported.
NoRedInk Highlight (4.7 KB)

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