Time to share: Public links with new toolbar & embed prototypes

Hello Antetype friends!
A new update to the Cloud has just been rolled out:

New toolbar for public prototypes

The previous update introduced Antetype’s new toolbar. It has more options & is more fun. Today’s is the day this feature comes to even more users: the new toolbar is now also visible when sharing a Public Link via Antetype Cloud – if you want it to be. You may activate the toolbar, resize mode and the specification inspector individually for each link to meet your requirements.

Embed your prototypes on 3rd party websites

Ever wanted to embed your interactive prototype into another website? There’s an option for it now! Simply go to an uploaded prototype card’s menu and select Embed Code. This one also comes with individual settings on how you want it to look like.

You may always check all Antetype changelogs on docs.antetype.com.

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Exciting stuff, thank you!

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It’s not clear to me what turning “Activate Resize Mode” on or off would do—because I don’t know which resize option you consider “resize mode”. Maybe a label for the switch like “Fixed width” would be more clear.

It activates the Resize Mode

From our documentation:

  • Toggle Resize Mode: The screen size is changed to the original size set in the Antetype app and the screen can be resized manually.

Yes, my point is that it’s not clear to me whether “resize mode” refers to the fixed or fluid setting. Just some UI/copy feedback.