Title Case Text Attribute

Is it planned to offer a title case attribute you can set, that converts texts automatically into title case?

You need it often for labels or headings and many people (including me) still make mistakes or even forget it which leads to inconsistencies in the details that are hard to handle and keeping an eye on.

CSS only knows text-transform: capitalize. There are some JS solutions like Convert to Title Case - JavaScript , which I haven’t tested yet and where I’m also not sure how I could easily include this to a Antetype file for the time being.

Here a small example using the JavaScript. The script itself is in the header_include.html

title case.zip (278.4 KB)

On the blue cells I added a small script which executes it on load:

Of course there would be more options like executing it for “All Widgets of the Same Type” etc.

Here a preview:

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@bendansby I just remembered your comment here: Active page styling looks like a disclosure triangle - #2 by bendansby maybe we should use it inside Antetype too :slight_smile:

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