Tweak request: Bottom screen padding

Please have this be evident when scrolling down to the bottom of a screen.

do you mean that the bottom-screen-padding is not honored if the content scrolls? (like in this little example: screen (277.7 KB) ). At a first glance I can not see that we generate wrong CSS, and this is the way it works. As a workaround embed the content into another cell and scroll its content (like in the second screen of the above document).

Yes, that’s right. Thanks for the workaround.

This is a small but persistently annoying thing. I usually just add invisible rectangles to the bottom of my screens but that feels dumb.

Unfortunately browsers don’t support padding for scrolling on screen level.

Seems like padding is supported on the body, not sure how Antetype implements it though

Yes, it works in basic usage, but because we have to support several layouts, our implementation has to be more complex. Unfortunately browsers to not support it for padding-bottom. Changing it might have a lot of unwanted side effects for all sorts of combinations, so it will be a complex change although it seems trivial.