Unable to set break points to individual

I want my layout to break at several widths.
When I try to set up my widgets to observe different break points, every time I change one widget’s break point, all its sibling widgets change to that break point as well. It seems like I cannot set up break points on an individual basis. All widgets always have the same break points and update automatically. Is this correct?

I think this needs more testing. I have assigned my break points and (at least for one break point) everything works well. I have to reload constantly but I was warned about that. I deleted my second break point but it won’t delete properly from everywhere. It is still present in the inspector. Also, duplicating a group of widgets which worked fine suddenly stops the original widgets from breaking properly. Now, nothing breaks any more. Although I am constantly reloading, it is hard to preview the break points properly. This is going to be awesome once it works properly but for now I don’t think it is ready to be used.

When you develop this further, could you consider allowing break points to work on an individual basis instead of the same for all widgets of the same type? (see my question above).
Could you try and make break points work for individual widgets instead of for the whole canvas?

Yes, correct, all widgets will be affected. You will have to create separate widgets if you want a different behaviour.

Sorry, I’m sure there are still many bugs, if it gets more complex. If you have time to reproduce with simple cases, please send us the bug report.