Undo feels scary

I am noticing how I have become really careful and I am thinking twice if I should use Undo. In a lot of cases, using Undo just spins the beach ball for a very long time. Another time, it might do something unforeseen. I just changed a text widget to float and updated all widgets until I realised that that was a dumb move. I pressed cmd-Z and Antetype is doing some very intense bookkeeping for a very long time.
I just does not feel right.

does not sound right. After the beach ball (Antetype blocked): did the undo succeed?
I know we have some actions which take way too long on undo since we basically rebuild the entire screen which takes it time.

Yes, the undo succeeded.

It also jumps to another cell more often than not. Especially if what you undo is in the text field of a cell. This throws me off more than the spinning ball.