Update for easier specification

Main focus for this update was better support for specification.


  • Added new command in the menu bar: Elements > Create Widget Overview Screen. Adds a new
    screen showing all widgets in all states. (#690).
  • Added a Specification-Inspector to the exported WebViewer. (toggle via the toolbar
    on top). If the inspector is open, automatic state changes and actions are not active. (#688)
  • Added a context-menu to the interaction inspector and support the forward-delete-key to delete actions/groups and events (#616)

Issues fixed

  • In cross-document copy/paste the “merge changes”-alert did not display for paste inside (#708)
  • Fixed a crash which could happen after changing custom-HTML (#704)
  • A Scroll-Event handler directly on the screen did not fire if no parameter was entered (for example top > 100px) (#707)
  • A reload was needed after changing the layout of a cell, or the alignment in stacked-layout (#694, #701)
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