Update Released (Cloud and New Web View)

What other layouts?

Meaning it can’t be changed?

Another question: does the new web view happen to reduce the frequency with which one must refresh to see an accurate rendering of the screen?

From my experience (8 hrs working with the new web view now) it hasn’t.

Web View frequently freezes the rendered preview in “In-Place” mode when updating Widgets. The application menus and Screen Inspector stay responsive but the file needs to be closed and reopened to see the changes.
I’m seeing some speed improvements, especially when changing the properties of cells (widths, margin,…) in a very substantial prototype, which was like wading through treacle before. So, apart from the current side-effects (which are to be expected during development), I am enjoying the speed improvements.

if the container does not use free layout (Horizontal/Vertical flow, stacked). For example currently you cannot re-arrange the cells directly on the canvas or drag a cell into a new container.

we want to center the screen (if the screen is smaller than the view port). What do you think about using the normal scrolling instead of the behavior with “command”-drag?

If I’m understanding you correctly, I absolutely want this! A few things I miss from 1.7.4

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Re: smart guides and free layouts, I would actually be in favor of dropping these features if it meant speeding development. For me the whole point of Antetype since 1.0 is to not have to manually position things! But everyone’s usage is different, I suppose.


Did this also happen in the “old” WebView?

The biggest change (apart from the usage of a newer component to display the content): We now handle all events directly in the Web view in JavaScript. Before we just listened to the events and called the Objective-C-code from pre-web times.

No, it did not.

Which other areas will benefit from this change?

Just opened an issue for the need to re-open the document.

From the user-side: not much unfortunately. From the technical side: The old WebView we used is deprecated since years and might be removed in future macOS-releases. And our usage of the old (pre-web) event handling code was a hack to get started. It is very difficult to debug and has the problem that the macOS-side needs knowledge about the layout/placement of the DOM-elements, which is only needed on the web-side of things if we handle the events in JavaScript…

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I am a little surprised that this happens often. We still have a few reload bugs, but they happen very rarely. Do you have specific cases that are reproducible?

is this about the reload issue or the freezing In-Place view?

it’s about the reload issue

I will send you a file off list (still under NDA for this). @fizfaz has a much earlier version of this file but I believe he was able to reproduce the issue by uploading the same SVG several times until it stopped updating.

Ah yes, I already know that. But @bendansby also mentioned reload issues.

I’ll try to remember to record it next time it happens

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Just realized I was using the new web view there. Either way, you can see the problem. It seems especially prominent when switching breakpoints.

And I found another problem which seemed to be a refresh problem again but turned out that only by reverting to basic cells could I see the actual properties.

File: Dropbox - Antetype widget bug.zip - Simplify your life

This happens because the mobile breakpoint is active and you edit the state in the default breakpoint.
But it seems that there is a bug in switching breakpoints.

see Flaky selection of breakpoint states - #3 by tim