Update with new Distance measurements and a lot of fixes…

we just released another update for Antetype Web. Here are the release notes:


  • We do not use appcenter anymore, updates are hosted on our infrastructure

  • This also affects Crash Reports. The first time a crash happens a dialog shows up asking if Antetype should send the Crash report. Please send, we only get the information showed in the dialog, it helps us a lot!

  • We enhanced the WebViewer Spec-Inspector to show distances between the active element and the element below the mouse cursor

:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • Replace Image alert now shown as a sheet attached to the main window (the alert-window was sometimes hidden by other windows)

  • Fixed a crash which occured while transfering data to the WebView

  • Fixed a crash which happend if the represenation of the cells was not in sync with the WebView

  • Closing the window while the document was not fully loaded (Spinner was visible) crashed Antetype

  • If memory was tight, we release the memory for already visited screens, this sometimes did crash

  • Sometimes the selection was missing after changing a screen

  • Hide and show selection was broken if the selection was changed between hide and show

  • Replacing an image did require a Reload

  • IPP (and Safari) did sometimes not fire a click-event if the click happened on a text-cell

  • Copy/Paste Styles between States in different breakpoints did require a reload to take effect

  • Copy/Paste of multiple screens did break goto-screen-actions (also happened using Duplicate)

  • Creating a widget out of a cell which was target-cell of actions did break the reference

  • For scrollable screens: Fill color was only used in the initially visible viewport, not the whole scrollable area

  • Changing the width of a breakpoint did require a reload to take effect

  • Deleting a intermediate breakpoint did require a reload

  • Deleting a automatic state (like Mouse Over, Pressed) inside the In-place-presentation mode did not delete the corresponding css

  • Changing a widget cell to use “individual content” did break the mouse-selection of other instances of this widget

To view the measurements

just open the Spec-Inspector (click on image ):

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