Update with new features and fixes

We are happy to announce an update for Antetype Web: :partying_face:


:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • After using the Script-Action popover and clicking on the screen to close it, the interaction inspector did not show the actions for the selection (#748)
  • workaround for broken resize-scripts from discourse (#1051)
  • WebViewer: activating the spec inspector now shows activated pseudo-states (Mouse Over, Pressed etc.) correctly (#1063)
  • Using instead of localhost for internal web-view and communication: server <-> antetype discourse (#1061)
  • Fixed a crash which happened sometimes after deleting screens (#1054)
  • Started with conversion of Mouse-handling to JavaScript-side. Work in progress, currently not used in the application (#1050)
  • Additional text in the screen inspector (gray text content) was not clipped to the column size (#553)
  • New About Dialog (#909)
  • Use “template-rendering” for monochrome-icons, Color-Type is now using textual segmented contol (#1031)
  • Width and height of guides in the Spec Inspector were not shown correctly if page is scrolled.

I don´t find the plus button for the creation of new widget states! Did it disappear? If it is placed elsewhere, it would be very important to know where.

sorry, we have some missing icons in the dark-mode, we will release an update later on. For now its best to use the Light-Mode (you can switch the mode only for Antetype in the Preferences).

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we just released an update which fixes the missing Dark Mode-icons in the style-inspector:


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@fizfaz Thanks for integrating the VPN issue hotfix. Good job :+1: