Uploading a new prototype to Cloud

When uploading to Cloud, I want the option to save it as a distinct file (or whatever you call the things inside Projects). I may have Saved as and consider it a distinct thing and don’t just want to upload it as a version.

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I completely agree. My colleagues and I also had a closer look at the Antetype Cloud today and also had to realize that on the one hand it is not in line with expectations and on the other hand it brings problems in practice.

In collaboration with colleagues, you often duplicate files in the Finder to continue working or you do “Save As”. However, both lead to different results.

It would be important that I as a user have full control to save it either as a version of a file or as a standalone file (no matter what ID exists in the background).

Agreed, this should definitely work in the future.

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You’re wishes have been granted: You may now upload prototypes as a new file to Antetype Cloud. And change the name of an existing prototype, if you want to. (Antetype update: Native ARM support, new Cloud features and more)