Use in production (and future plans)

Hi, I really like the progress so far :heart_eyes::+1:

Do you already use this version in production at Ergosine?
It is very tempting to start using it right away…
(I’ve completed an eight months long project in the previous stable version, and it saved me so much time.)

Do you plan to improve styling (i. e. add classes and variables or something similar)?

And do you plan to transform widgets to behave more like nested react components (i. e. to be able to have “wrapper” or “container” components, maybe some propagated properties to override — similar to symbols in Sketch)?

Yeah, we’re using it almost exclusively now. The web version is much better than the old stable version already.

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We have lots of ideas, but the prioritization is not clear. We will release frequent feature updates as with the interaction inspector and have bug fix releases in between. Widgets is definitely on our list.

If you have more detailed ideas, just let us now. Are you familiar with the individual/shared properties in Antetype?