Using spacebar / MMB to move/pan (+shortcut editor)

You know… is like a basic/universal shortcut.
Hold the spacebar or the middle mouse button to move the canvas/artboard.
Also, would be great to add system to customize any shortcut.

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Hi Tiago and welcome to the community :grinning:

You can customize all shortcuts and create new ones via the macOS System Preferences as for all other native Mac apps.

For panning there is no need for a shortcut, you can just scroll the canvas.

All shortcuts are listed here:

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In case of panning is mandatory. All graphic tool have this same way to work. Basically any designer work using shortcuts and this one is almost the most used.

Sure I can’t talk for other designers but the lack of this shortcut was the first blocker to continue using the tool. Is faster and better to move the canvas using this shortcut. And we do this all the time.

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Ok, I see, we probably didn’t implement it because most people seem to use track pads. However, I agree that it is a standard that we should follow. Will put it on the list. Thanks!

Happy to say that the hand tool is now implemented in the most recent update. Thanks again for the feedback!

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Just tried it. It’s actually pretty sweet. For me, the hand is flickering a lot though. When I pause dragging, it disappears. I think that’s what causes the flickering. Slow movement with a low frame rate?

We’re still investigating why it is happening. Normally the space bar is used to scroll and by default the hand disappears. Although we’ve overwritten that, it still happens.

Interesting. Hmmm. Maybe you should just allow it to be hidden. I don’t think that’s wrong.