Vector image support

When will Antetype Web support vector images like old Antetype?

Hi ben,

we already support .svg-images.Unfortunately pdf support in browsers is lacking (only Safari support it, other browsers only as an embed). macOS does not support a native conversion from pdf to svg, you have to use other tools.

Does this help?

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Hey Felix!

When I import an svg into Antetype, and then scale the cell/image, it becomes blurry. Is that expected?

no, it should not render blurry.

(Mmmhmm, can’t upload neither a .svg nor an .zip-file… oh well):


For some reason it wasn’t working for me, but restarting the app fixed it!

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strange, if it happens again let us know. Sometimes WebKit only shows Bitmaps, but this only happens for really big images and zooming (or using filters like blur).