Vector X Shape?

I need to draw an x that will stretch to all four corners of a rectangle. What is the best way to do this? How do vectors work in Antetype?

We only have very basic vector drawing capabilities. To be more flexible you should use Illustrator or other Vector tools to create SVGs and use them just like images in Antetype.

Thanks Tim, done that already but SVG cannot be stretched, it seems. I need this as a background shape. I am using a bitmap now but that’s not as smooth as I would like it, obviously.

Would this be something I could do with a vector in Antetype?

I guess you can build something like this using the vector cell. In its current form, the vector cell can contain only one path (that is for your X you need two cells… and group them together in a stacked cell).

  • add a vector cell to the canvas
  • change the horizontal resizing to stretch
  • double click into the vector cell (the cursor changes to a cross)
  • click in the upper left corner
  • click in the lower right corner

  • click outside the cell to leave the “vector-edit-mode”
  • add another vector cell, horizontal resizing stretch
  • double click and and this time draw the other line:

  • select both cells and select Stacked Group: (249.2 KB)

:thinking: since we display the vectors as svg it should be possible with an svg-image too, but my knowledge here is nonexistent :smiley:

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Thanks, Felix. I will try it out. SVGs cannot be stretched if the are used as background images, it seems!

another possibility is to use the svg inline, that is paste the svg-code directly into the HTML-Property: (265.6 KB)

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It can be scaled, but currently only proportional. I think Felix’s approach using the SVG code is the best.