Visible route of item the action is applied to


Overall, I have just good feedback! I am capable of using Antetype web in production so far. Although I am just in the initial phase of this part of project.

One thing I miss:

On click here, in order to edit the affected item by the action, I would like the dialog to select the referred item, not the current one.
I frequently try to figure out why the interaction doesn´t work as intended, but don´t have any way to know if this is the correct item, just by reading the name. I also need the route, because there are multiple items with the same name.

Actually, not only for checking if it´s correct, also for correcting it. Most likely the correct one is near the selected one.

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Hi Carlos,

nice idea. I will have a look how to initially select the target cells in the dialog. We discussed showing some highlighting of the cells on the screen/screen inspector, but you suggestion should be way easier to implement.