Welcome to Antetype Support and Discussions

We are rebuilding Antetype with web technologies. The development version is used internally at Ergosign, but is not polished for a public release. We are doing our best, but due to limited ressources, we can’t say, when a public beta will be released.

If you know what you are doing and want to get early access, you can register for the development version and try it out.

We are not able to give support but you can discuss and post questions in this forum.

Please note that only files from 2.0 Beta can be converted and will most likely not be displayed absolutely correct. You will have to convert your 1.7.2 files to beta first. We recommend using it only for files created from scratch.

Don’t use the development version for critical projects and always keep a backup of your files.

There is an iOS version available thats allows for live preview and downloading prototypes on an iPhone or iPad. You can get it here.

The old version 1.7.2 and 2.0 Beta are no longer supported, but can be downloaded for free with the free license file that is included in the package.