We're live on ProductHunt!

Hi Antetype users!

After years of sweat (some of you know!), Antetype is finally launched on Product Hunt: Antetype - Complex UX prototypes solved: Responsive, interactive & free | Product Hunt

Since our relaunch a few days back, hundreds of users already joined us (welcome to you guys!). Let’s get another hundred onto Antetype:

If you enjoy using Antetype, join the discussion on ProductHunt.
And – if you like – upvote us there:

I would love to hear your feedback there (or just congratulate Antetype on being released).
And I’d love to have you join Antetype’s road to Product of the Day!

Wish us luck, Chris

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Love this:

Thanks for the support everyone!

Another potential venue is to do a “Show HN” post on Hacker News, A decade ago, before I knew about Antetype, I posted an Antetype-like concept there and got hundreds of upvotes and many people asking where they could download my (sadly theoretical) app. It’s important to make it a “Show HN” post because those tend to get more notice. Of course the market is much different now and people are generally happy with Figma et al, but worth a shot.


Great idea, we’ll definitely take a look at it!

hey, a blast from the past :slight_smile: . Just reading it again. At least we implemented a tiny bit of it over the years in Antetype.

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