When setting a property to shared, revert is not available


  • Click on the right dot of a widget text and switch from individual to shared
  • Switch screen and select another instance of the same widget. Revert is not possible.
  • Save file and close
  • Open file
  • Select another instance of the same widget. Revert is possible

-> Revert should be possible without having to save, close and reopen the file.


Hi Carlos,

first of all: sorry for the long time to respond … but now to your problem. Just tried it out with a simple Widget with a Text-Cell.

  • create cell, with text “foo”
  • make a widget out of it
  • create another instance of this widget (text still individual, same text as the original)
  • select one widget, change the text property to “shared”

since the widgets still have the same text (“foo” in this case), revert is disabled since the value is the same. Changing the text enables the “revert”. We will try to reproduce your behaviour (save, close and reopen should not be needed).