Where can I find the Widget Library like in the older Version?

Good evening, I am very pleased with the concept and the approach of the software and the layout engine. Really good. I have done some projects with Axure and I’m trying to get into the mindset of Antetype.
One question: In the installed version I do not see any Widget library like in the older version. Is it because of my installation or because it is a beta?

Hi Joe, thanks for trying out Antetype. The widget library has been currently removed from the version that is under development. We are not sure yet, when and how will add it again.

Thanks for the answer.
One last question: How is design consistency handled centrally in Antetype? e.g. Colors, fonts, etc.

Widgets (Widget libraries are not supported at the moment), Automatic layouts or OS X color lists are an approach, but how do you solve a simple scenario, e.g. when you want to change an H3 (18 pt, blue, centered) embedded in multiple widgets? Is each widget changed individually?
(I do not want to think about this work for complex projects).

One approach would be the method of property binding presented in your blog, unfortunately with limitations.

In a first attempt, I was able to rebuild an old template surprisingly fast with some restrictions.
There are no guides, externally imported elements will not be updated in Antetype when changes are made in the original application and the central creation of style sheets is missing (as I said it may be due to my installed beta version)

Nevertheless, my great respect for your work and antetype. Your philosophy “Stop pushing pixels and start designing” is fantastic, I like it really well … keep it up …

Currently, the only way to keep elements consistent is by using widgets. It is possible to embed widgets into others and then create combined widgets.

However, in the future, it would be nice to have a central management of colors and fonts.

Changing elements in other applications can be updated if you use the “Edit in” feature from the resource library.


Property binding is not available in the new versions.

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