White canvas of death ;-)

Problem: all screens just show plain white

Steps done:

  1. created new document
  2. Done some basic layout
  3. save
  4. quit Antetype
  5. Open Antetype
  6. Open the recently saved file

Hope there is a fix for. Of course I tried rebooting my Mac :stuck_out_tongue:

:thinking: do the cells appear in the screen-inspector but are missing on the canvas? What happens if you open a Live Preview in a browser? Does it show a blank screen or an error message?

Cells are visible in the inspector. Problem seems to be the webserver. Livepreview doesn’t work. It opens the URL http://localhost:0/1/index.html and gets a 404

does a process with the name “beam.smp” show up in the Activity Monitor? (This is our web server).

No. It’s not running.

If it cannot start it tries to write to log errors into the file /tmp/antetype_XXXX_log (where XXXX is your short OSX username). If the server wrote something into the file, it should help to find out what went wrong.

Otherwise you can start the server manually in Terminal.app :nerd_face::
(Assuming the Antetype Application is named “Antetype Web.app” and is inside the Applications folder)

  • Open Terminal.app
  • copy paste the following line into the Terminal and accept with Return: cd /Applications/Antetype\ Web.app/Contents/Frameworks/AntetypeCore.framework/Resources
  • enter ./start_server.sh $PWD/at_servr_release and accept with return
    if all goes well it shows the following:
Port: 8080
at_webserver_port: 9000
ActualPort 8080
Starting standalone Server on Port 8080

stop the process by hitting control-c.

If you see something different, please send us the output…

Found the problem. It seems that Antetype has a problem with my VPN connection.

./start_server.sh: line 3: /Applications/Antetype/erts-10.2/bin/erlexec: No such file or directory

does it work now? I remember one issue with https://www.proxifier.com/ app. You have to route localhost/ directly, if not canvas and Live Preview are not working…

Only if I disconnect the VPN which isn’t the ideal solution ^^

which VPN-software do you use?

Since Covid19 it’s a native MacOS VPN connection, no additional software.

do you have anything enabled in the Proxies-Tab (System Preferences>Network>…VPN and then “Advanced…”)? Which kind of VPN do you use? image

Can’t find those settings in our VPN connection. But not a big deal to disconnect VPN :slight_smile:

But if there would be a fix, also highly appreciated.

I’ve sent you a private message with a link to our development-version. We now use a different address which might be available, even while VPN is running. If the message did not get through, just ping me.



the fix is included in the latest update.

Thanks again for reporting the issue!

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