Why does this container think it's shorter than it is?

But only at the narrow breakpoint.

File: Dropbox - Container bug.zip - Simplify your life

I could also ask why it doesn’t stretch the width of its parent.

The problem is fixed if I turn it into a widget and add a narrow breakpoint state. Why does that matter?

Hm, the CSS is not correct here. Will have to look into it a bit more in depth.

As you already pointed out, changing the “Responsive container” from individual to shared and updating the widget, writes the correct CSS.

The CSS actually isn’t wrong, but because the non-widgets don’t listen to the breakpoint changes, they don’t know that their container changes from horizontal to vertical. In the CSS they’d have to change their flexbox settings, because they are now on the other axis, but they still have the old CSS applied.

So you’ll either have to create widgets for the nested elements or change the parent container to shared content, so that the inner elements are part of the widget.

Thanks, good to understand the problem.