Wonky Mouse Enter / Mouse Leave behaviour

I have been trying to create some tooltip flyouts on mouse enter. I need all the other tool tips to collapse when a new tooltip opens. Each tooltip opens after a 2 sec delay (as they do) but very strange things are starting to happen. Instead of hiding the other tooltips, they actually open one after the other. I can only stop this from happening if I kill the delay. Any ideas?
Mouseout Tooltips.atype.zip (630.0 KB)

We currently do not have the possibility to cancel an action with delay (before the delay fired). That is mouse-enter starts the “show tooltip”-action, mouse-cursor leaves the cell (executing the mouse-leave-action, but since the mouse-enter did not execute yet, it does nothing)…

Now it depends what you want to achieve, use a custom tooltip or do you want to show a “standard”-OS-tooltip (with the OS-implementation)? The latter case is the easiest one. HTML displays the title-Attribute as a tooltip. This simple script sets it (use it in a “Load Screen”-event):

targetCells[0].DOMElement.setAttribute("title", "Hello I am the tooltip of this cell\nanother line")

Note that you have to use \n to get a new line.

If you want to use a custom (non-standard-tooltip), it gets more complicated. Normally what you want to do is: the mouse enters the cell, now wait some defined time until the mouse-cursor is moved, after this time: show the tooltip. (Maybe allow some small mouse-movement).

Does this help?

That helps a lot. As always, thanks for the detailed reply. I think, for now I can try with the os tooltip. The real help-bubble-project has not been scheduled yet :slight_smile: