Wrong floating behaviour occurring in a Widget

I have a widget that has started displaying some erratic floating behaviour. On inspection in Chrome, it turns out that a transformation (translate) is occurring, which is causing the unexpected offset. When I convert the widget to basic cells, the transformation is deleted.

There is no custom CSS in the inspector. I can enter transform: none and it will correct the behaviour but I shouldn’t have to. Where is this custom CSS being cached? I know where it originates because I used it days ago but have deleted it since. It seems to be hanging around somewhere where I cannot get at it.

Dodgy Float.atype.zip (341.3 KB)

Hmm… transform: none; does not help if the float is set to top center. So it must be something else…
I can see that the translation is used for the offset for the float so that’s why it is not working properly. Very odd…

Thanks. We will have a look.